Reprogramming the Subconscious Mind

We are all conditioned to be a certain way, rather it’s done purposely or not isn’t the question today. The question today is can we change our conditioning and if so how? This answer does not come easy but yes we can. I have spent thousands to experience my own perspective of this subject and as it turns out yes we can change anything we want. It all begins with the subconscious mind though. See that is where we are conditioned and everything we do is habitual behavior that comes from a pre-programming. Our subconscious is something like a super computer that holds all the data we need to function. We process data every minute of everyday and most of it is through the subconscious mind.

How much we actually focus and concentrate on something in this day and age is very small amount. There is so much going on around us all the time. Most jobs don’t require critical thinking skills in order to do the job, so a lot of the time, it’s just habitual behavior that’s created. Then going with the motions are easier and we do so without thinking about it. The way we think and feel have everything to do with our subconscious, and it is programmed from a very young age. Ages 1-6 to be exact. The repetitive abc song and all the things we learn as a child are forever in our minds as knowledge we will use for the rest of our lives, rather we like it or not. Well not really, you see because our minds tend to forget the knowledge we don’t typically use or need to survive.

Mind the bend
Road to nowhere! Turn around.

Steps to reprogramming the subconscious

  • Creating mind space
  • Expanding your awareness
  • Accepting and aligning yourself
  • Repetitive and habitual thoughts and behaviors

Creating mind space

Our subconscious is constantly at work even when we’re sleeping. The first thing you have to do when trying to create better habits and reprogram your entire perspective is clear some new space. Going back to the subconscious being like a computer, you can’t really install new hardware until getting rid of the old. Sure you can just rewrite the data or in this case just try and learn a new way of thinking, but when you do that with the old data, it’s still there to be used and will only get in the way. So anything that you may be holding onto like, guilt, shame, fear, resentment, and any other old habits or expressions you use that you know hold you back have to go. You have to accept that things can and will change if that’s what you really want. Understand that you can’t get where you going with the way of thinking that got you to where you are.

Expanding your awareness

To become consciously aware of your thoughts and language patterns are an essential part of the process. We can’t change something if we are unaware of it. The way you talk to yourself is the way your subconscious is programmed to think. If you’ve only ever gotten negative results chances are this is a negative programming. When you say things like “It’s just how I have always been” that’s your acceptance of something you don’t think you have the power of changing. When you have a backup plan in case you’re original plan doesn’t work out, you’re dooming yourself to fail. When you say things out loud (true or not) your subconscious is recording and it doesn’t know the difference in real or not, true or not. It only knows it’s repetitive and habitual thoughts.

Accepting and aligning yourself

In order to reprogram your subconscious and your current way of thinking you have to be very certain you don’t want to continue on the same path you’re on now. Most of the time it just takes aligning our values with our everyday lives and living up the our true potential. You should accept all of who you are and make sure you are doing what you want because it’s what you want and not what someone else wants for you. Make sure you are certain of what you want and why you want it and that it aligns with you’ve belief system. You can change your belief system by simply finding a better belief and you can do this by being open to more than one belief being the best one.

Repetitive and habitual thoughts and behaviors

Creating better thoughts by replacing the ones that are negative and have a negative impact are a vital step in the process. Our subconscious is most accepting while it’s in the delta state. See we have different frequencies or speeds, our brain capacity functions. Delta being the lowest frequency is the state right as we’re falling asleep and the few minutes as we’re waking up. This is the most effective time to reprogram the subconscious mind. What I suggest doing is finding an audible to listen to when you go to sleep that is positive and to your liking. Now they say a habit is formed in 21 days but lets round that up to 30 simply because a little more is better than a little less right. So for 30 days give yourself a different routine to follow including all the things we’ve discussed here today. Make sure to actually stick to them EVERYDAY for 30 days then come comment and let me know how well this article worked for you.

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