Balancing the scales

Setting Intentions 101

How setting intentions means progress!

Setting an intention gives you direction, it gives you a destination. Most of the time we come up with a plan just to not have a general direction to drive the plan towards success, because we forgot to set an intention. Setting an intention is practically like having an obtainable goal that’s already done. Once an intention is set, it is what determines the outcome of the situation. That’s how your brain interprets it anyway.. As an intention it becomes an inevitable event that your determination will drive forward.

I like to set two intentions for the day, so I swap between personal, business and relationships, and rotate the three . This way, it balances the scales and I stay on top of my life in every aspect. With intentions set, I have complete and total control over my thoughts and feelings for the day. Having that inevitable goal to reach keeps me on track throughout my day. I am left feeling more fulfilled and confident as well as a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of doing something worth your time is so satisfying.

Do you find yourself unfulfilled?

I’ve found that on days that I don’t have an intention for that day, I’m not as productive. That’s mostly due to the fact that I have no end goal to reach, no intention means no actual advancement throughout my day. Which is fine every now and then but it will leave you feeling a bit insignificant on some days. I don’t know about you but I like to feel important or a sense of purpose. I try to spend my time and efforts valuably so that I feel like my life has a significant meaning even if only to myself. I don’t need others to validate me however others need to feel validated, and I enjoy putting a smile on someones face even if that’s all I do. Some sense of fulfillment is necessary and to reach fulfillment you really do need to set an intention.

What is an intention you have for yourself?

So what are some things you know you been putting off? Or maybe just an outcome you want to happen at the end of your day? Take some time to reflect on your own wants and needs and try setting an intention every morning and your mind will be put to work looking for ways of it happening. Let me know in the comments what intentions did you set and how long u until you achieve this goal?


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