What If…..

How “what if” becomes possibility instead of a fear.

Most of the time when we think “yeah but what if” and it’s usually because we are thinking of everything that can go wrong. What if you could flip that into a positive wonderment? How would that change things for you? I’m sure it would probably shift things pretty dramatically for you huh? It’s all about perspective, and the more positive one you have the better the results will be that’s called your life. So what if you thought in wonderment as we did when we were children before we got to know just how tough the world really was? Back when we used to imagine what it would be like as an adult and could do whatever we wanted.

Here’s the thing WE CAN!! See maybe we aren’t little kids anymore but we can still dream, still imagine and still have wild thoughts. I sit here and I think “what if” all the time but I’m only thinking about all the possibilities for me and my life. Most people don’t really know their own potential, and I’m sure I don’t give myself the deserved credit so I don’t even know my own potential. We as a whole are almost none exsistant, what do I mean by that I mean most of society only thinks of what’s right in front of them right then. We are to consumed by what someone did or how we feel about something that we don’t think about the big picture which is everyone is a part of life the same as you. We all make a major diffrence in the world and are stronger together.

So what if there was no such thing as money? How would things work then and could we all survive and still have a healthy planet with less polution and more happiness? I think so simply because people would only have to do some work to make sure things ran smoothly. People would then only take what they needed, no more no less. Wastfulness is caused by greed and if you take more than you need chances are you won’t use it all or it will just go to waste. Of course there would need to be a system that provided us with the essentials faily easily.

What really matters to you, because after you’ve clumb that latter of success and are at the top what and the thrill wears off then what? You have to ask yourself what really matters and what doesn’t. Eventually nothing material will matter as if it ever did anyway. So ask yourself what matters to me now and should be more important than money. Family, and who you are is more important than any assets you can aquire and working more will not fulfil you and will not bring you joy. Finding joy isn’t something you have to look for it is something that is already here inside you and all around you. Being happy with yourself as you are is joyful.

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