fundamental shift

Fundamental Shift

Finding your Purpose

Here we explore ourselves on a much deeper level so that we can find our purpose in life. When we have some meaning for our existence we become more fulfilled and feel worthy of the life we were given. Then things just start to fall into place and make total sense. To feel worthy brings about confidence and determination to live up to even more of what you start to realize as you’re potential. Things become very clear once you’ve laid down the groundwork of finding the core values of which you mostly align with.

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What If…..

How “what if” becomes possibility instead of a fear. Most of the time when we think “yeah but what if” and it’s usually because we are thinking of everything that can go wrong. What if you could flip that into a positive wonderment? How would that change things for you? I’m sure it would probably…

Only You Can Choose

Why aren’t you choosing what you want? Things become very clear what you need to do but for some reason it isn’t what you want to do. This causes major conflict within. You begin to doubt yourself and what’s really right and wrong. It’s not really about what’s right or wrong but then again it…

Meaning of Life…

Why you should always ask why I’ve been asked on several occasions what is the meaning of life??? Well I’ll tell you… The meaning of life is whatever you decide it is for you. There is no purpose or value that is greater than your own and that goes for everyone. So what is the…

Psychology Of Human Behaviors

Why do we act in the ways that we do, and how can we apply our knowledge of human behaviour to the world of business? We will explore behavioural economics and what we know about how people make decisions. Additionally, you will learn how vital it is to choose the right messenger and the influence…

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

What are the causes and symptoms of imposter syndrome? How do you know if you have imposter syndrome? Who experiences imposter syndrome?


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What can you do to find your purpose? Find…..

We have gotten to far off the beaten path and have lost sight of who we really are. It’s hard to find your purpose when you’re so distracted by all the things going on in our lives today. By becoming too preoccupied to notice that happiness is all around you all the time. When you’re sad that doesn’t exactly seem to be the case and you refuse to see it any other way. Most the time sulking is what you want to do and you end up dragging others with you until they leave because they refuse to be unhappy anymore. No-one wants to end up alone.

  • Reasons for living
  • Reasons for being happy
  • Reasons for being friendly
  • Reasons for happiness
  • Reasons for making a difference
  • Find out who you are
  • Find your most important core values
  • Do you want to make a difference
  • Do you want to change
  • Know you are not alone on this journey
  • What do YOU truly desire
  • Why are you unhappy
  • Why do you feel better being sad
  • Do you like the attention from your sadness

How you can become happy and more fulfilled

Things are not easy but they can become easy, first you need to understand and accept yourself on a much deeper level than you do now. Start asking yourself deeper questions that you’ve been lying to yourself about. Most of us do lie to ourselves so that we feel better about who we think we are. You need to be brutally honest with yourself. If you want things to change, the only way it will is if you first recognize that you’re lying to yourself about what you want or who you are. No-one will judge you harder than you. There’s no-one around to judge you now except yourself, but being honest with yourself opens a new door to your own wants and desires. It allows you to open up and figure out the root cause of your depression and get to know you on a more fundamental level.

Setting Intentions 101

Having an intention gives you a sense of direction

No More Anxiety And Depression!

What Makes Us So Irrational? Steady anxiety has turned into a typical and terrifying problem. An expected 284 million individuals overall experience anxiety, making it the most common psychological health problem. Anxiety is a reaction to the pressure we feel when confronted with a situation that we believe is threatening toward our well-being. Feeling some…

Living with Addiction

Why is it so hard to give ourselves what we need? There are lots of people living with addiction. Some don’t know they are addicts, others just ignore it and try to lie to themselves, then there are the ones much like myself that fight it everyday. Living with addiction and knowing that at any…

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