Side Hustles – Affiliates

There are many many network marketing companies you could join and make decent money as a side hustle. There are also plenty of affiliate marketing programs as well. Here I’ll go over the few I recommend. Now most of these consider it starting a business and if you ever wanted to make some serious money with any of these, I would suggest making it a full time gig.


So first we have a wordpress site which you could start a blog or even an informational site. With all the plugins available now you can even have an e-commerce site. There are a number of sites you could actually set up…..

With all the choices of plugins you can make money from google adsense if you create a good enough site and start having lots of foot traffic that is. WordPress makes it really easy to create a site and as I said they have all kinds of plugins for any site you could possibly want. The best part is it’s free to start. A great automated side hustle if you ask me. I would also recommend wealthy affiliate as well. They have all the things that wordpress does only you don’t have to pay extra for it like you do with wordpress.

Now there are some downfalls to this and that is the amount of time and effort building a site yourself if you don’t know how it’s done. It takes a lot of effort to figure everything out and causes a lot of frustrations and wasted time. However like any business it does require your time and effort. In the end it ends up being worth it considering all you have to do is update the content regularly and post new content and after it’s all set up. you got yourself a reoccurring stream of income.

Day Trader

Next up is a day trader , and a day trader either learns the markets or loses a lot of money and quits. The best things about becoming a day trader is the amount of freedom and money it gives you if taken seriously. There’s an academy that I would highly recommend called IM academy . They are inexpensive and that’s where I learn, trade took me a about 4 months to learn the strategy that I now make a decent living from. Although it does take discipline and patience so if you don’t have at least one of those 2 qualities day trading probably isn’t for you. However if you would be willing to learn just one strategy like myself you could afford to quit the job you hate with a family to take care of as well as yourself and live like a king. Disclaimer: This is not financial advice nor am I a financial advisor, and results from trading really all depends on your willingness to learn the trade.

Affiliate Marketing

There are no shortages of affiliate programs you could join and make good money from. Just about every site you use and go to has an affiliate button at the bottom of their page. You can sign up and send them traffic and get paid. This is a really good way to make money. Clickbank is one of the oldest places to sign up as an affiliate for multiple products. Most people starting out as an affiliate like to start there.


You could become a youtuber and make videos. It could be on anything you want from informational videos, reviews and or your very own course. You could get someone from upwork to create your banner and logo for your channel. Being a youtuber could be a fun side hustle. Or you could get a software like prezentar.