Setting Intentions 101

How setting intentions means progress!

Setting an intention gives you direction, it gives you a destination. Most of the time we come up with a plan just to not have a general direction to drive the plan towards success, because we forgot to set an intention. Setting an intention is practically like having an obtainable goal that’s already done. Once an intention is set, it is what determines the outcome of the situation. That’s how your brain interprets it anyway.. As an intention it becomes an inevitable event that your determination will drive forward.

I like to set two intentions for the day, so I swap between personal, business and relationships, and rotate the three . This way, it balances the scales and I stay on top of my life in every aspect. With intentions set, I have complete and total control over my thoughts and feelings for the day. Having that inevitable goal to reach keeps me on track throughout my day. I am left feeling more fulfilled and confident as well as a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of doing something worth your time is so satisfying.

Do you find yourself unfulfilled?

I’ve found that on days that I don’t have an intention for that day, I’m not as productive. That’s mostly due to the fact that I have no end goal to reach, no intention means no actual advancement throughout my day. Which is fine every now and then but it will leave you feeling a bit insignificant on some days. I don’t know about you but I like to feel important or a sense of purpose. I try to spend my time and efforts valuably so that I feel like my life has a significant meaning even if only to myself. I don’t need others to validate me however others need to feel validated, and I enjoy putting a smile on someones face even if that’s all I do. Some sense of fulfillment is necessary and to reach fulfillment you really do need to set an intention.

What is an intention you have for yourself?

So what are some things you know you been putting off? Or maybe just an outcome you want to happen at the end of your day? Take some time to reflect on your own wants and needs and try setting an intention every morning and your mind will be put to work looking for ways of it happening. Let me know in the comments what intentions did you set and how long u until you achieve this goal?


Living with Addiction

Why is it so hard to give ourselves what we need?

There are lots of people living with addiction. Some don’t know they are addicts, others just ignore it and try to lie to themselves, then there are the ones much like myself that fight it everyday. Living with addiction and knowing that at any moment’s notice that urge can overtake you if you let it. That has been the hardest thing to take control of. The one thing that is destroying you is the hardest thing to let go of. It has been hard to face myself and know that I deserve better, my daughter deserves better. I look at her and there are days when I just don’t feel strong enough for her. When I don’t feel good enough to keep fighting, those are the most difficult days for me. It’s so easy to forget about my life for just a moment and relieve all that stress and tension and just give in. However I realize that it takes a much stronger me to pull myself up and keep fighting.

It is not easy nor does it happen fast but if you can just give yourself the credit you deserve and stay strong then things are bound to get better. This is just a test to see if you’re ready for better things. Well are you? Good things don’t come to those who wait, good things come to those that are ready for good things. Fighting is much harder than giving in but it is so worth it. You are so worth it! Facing those demons is scary and it’s not easy, but the things that don’t come easy are the things in life that are worth fighting for. I can’t tell you where I’ll end up at times because the road is dark and weary, but I do know that through the cloud that is addiction it will be ok and so will you.

You are not alone, no matter how alone you feel there is someone that sees your worth and wants to pull you out of those murky waters. Take that hand and swallow your pride, shame and guilt and take the helping hand. It takes that first step up to get you on your feet again. Although that first step is the hardest one to take you don’t have to do it alone. You asked for strength and got a task that feels impossible but will make you stronger in the end for having fought for yourself and your freedom. Just know that you are valuable and you have a greater purpose even if you haven’t found it yet. Good things are coming but only if you are willing to accept them once they arrive. Keep fighting and you will prevail.

What is Insignificant

You can’t possibly believe that you are insignificant…..

I remember dreading going to school cause I had to wear hand-me-downs from my neighbors kids.
Yeah that wasn’t embarrassing getting on the bus with them and them making fun of me, needless to say
I got in a lot of fights, and learned not to take anybody’s shit. So don’t take anybody’s shit it’s not yours to deal with anyway, they got their own shit to handle.

  1. You can’t possibly believe that you are insignificant…..
    1. We’ll agree to disagree
      1. Judgemental
    2. Resistance
  2. Progression is thriving
  3. Choice is yours

That’s how I learned to love myself enough to be myself regardless of what anyone thinks…
Find your own crowd, people that think like you, that have similar goals, dreams, and can motivate you because they too are working on theirs. The people that give you good advice and don’t try to bring you down, are always going to be the best kind of crowd for the type of mindset you will need to grow.
Forget the ones that say you can’t or you shouldn’t.

You’re already on the right path, you don’t have to apologize for being you. You definitely don’t have to lower your standards to accommodate the ones around you. Don’t be afraid to raise your standards, because truth be told their probably not high enough. I mean if you think about and just look around it, the standards we have slowly slip away year after year. I hate to say it but my generation is the worse about not having respect and manners or consideration and tend to be rude like it’s normal and to them I suppose it would be.

We’ll agree to disagree

Now I post some things that people disagree with and that’s ok. If other people disagree with you, then that’s actually a good thing. It just means that you have different beliefs and opinions, and provides a different perspective. That’s how you learn and grow. I’ll always stand up for what I believe in but I’ll never fight you if you believe something different. I’d rather learn to understand your beliefs. Just make sure their you’re own beliefs and not someone else’s. So many have these beliefs that don’t align with
who they are, mostly because those beliefs were pushed onto them by someone else who thought that’s what they should believe only because they believed it.

End up wandering through life pissed off and unfulfilled because you believe something that doesn’t even make sense to you. You have to find your own path and know that’s what you want not anyone but you, Only you can give yourself more or better if you really want it. The world is becoming soft and we should never jeopardise our integrity by conforming to others. It’s really not worth the pain and suffering we endure especially when we don’t have to suffer. Follow your own path whatever that is and just do what you want have your beliefs and own who you are the people that love you will love you and the ones that don’t so what just keep going.


It doesn’t matter what you do or how you act YOU WILL BE JUDGED. It should only matter to you, only you have the right to judge you. BE who you wanna be & do what you wanna do because people
will judge you anyway no matter what you do or don’t do, Don’t ever let others opinion of you dictate how you feel about yourself.

What you do is your preference you don’t have to live a lie to impress anyone Because you don’t have to impress anyone as long as you are happy as you are there’s no need to change if someone doesn’t like you oh well their loss and you don’t need them in your life anyway cause chances are they’ll 🤯🙄 just be extra baggage you don’t need anyway JUST BE YOU!!


It’s a little beneath us to label and judge people for speaking their truth isn’t it?
Yes I’d say it’s rather ignorant of you to do so actually. I mean just think about it, what makes you think you know any better and even if you do judging and labeling others isn’t going to do anyone any good whatsoever.

Instead you could act like you have some intelligence in that head of yours and actually hear the other views on life, politics,money, beliefs, experiences, and differences. As much as you may want to argue why you’re right, I think you should just realize how ignorant you are and how division is exactly what they want.

Just realize you can’t possibly know what you don’t know and the world has been programming us to be this way since god knows how long. Most of us are either experiments, or are fucking puppets to a society that is following the wrong leaders for all the wrong reasons. Most of this may not make a lot of sense but to the ones that do get it, Is it harder knowing??

For me NO it’s easier, Knowing is what allows me to go forward with such certainty that tomorrow will be better than today and If we disassemble this madness from the inside then my purpose will be fulfilled and my kid saved. My point to this message today is don’t be so quick to judge or think you know something is rubbish or not. Just consider it to be possible.


Right or wrong doesn’t matter, it really isn’t relevant. What’s relevant is what you think you know and what you really have no idea about. It’s been an interesting period of resistance this last week of two, it seems I’m not the only one that has felt this, but it’s been the greatest stage of resistance I’ve felt in quite some time.

In fact I’d have to say the whole year, the idea of you vs you had come into play more so than ever since being on this journey. This year so far has been a pivotal part in my journey of becoming, discovery and realisation. Especially in people’s greed, and just how much of it there is in the world.
A slight sense of stagnation, seems to have become present.

Greed & Scarcity

Greed is something that has existed within the human condition for as long as we have been a species inhabiting this planet. it’s often something that stems from our deficit needs way of thinking, The survival, fight or flight narrative. In the times of early cavemen, small tribes scattered across the lands and would fight within there small bubbles for survival to get food, shelter, protection and warmth, because that was seemingly there only option. At this point humans had never been more connected to nature, the very thing they are a part of.

But as time went on, they began to discover build and grow, small villages maybe 3-5 small straw and mortar huts somewhere within a canyon trail or a top a cliff’s edge.
Slowly they began to realise they were not the only ones out there, building, growing, there were others.
The art of growth itself implies to take or gain resource to contribute to something bigger, however the origin of such resource is often an uncertainty in such scarce times, but that’s just it.

This is seemingly why there is so much greed in the world today, people are so used on there own small bubbles of reality trying to get by in pure desperation, disregarding others in the process. Not realising there is much more, it’s around us all the time 24/7, but to notice these nuances is something else entirely, that takes a bit of work.

We have created a world that is far to advanced for the current way of thinking, now this is not to say that we must go back to basics and stop this progress. But as human population we must up our game, our minds. Like the complex pieces of technology they are in all there glorious intricacy.

The fear of not making progress leading to a scarcity mentality, then leading to lack of progress. Sounds rather silly when you think about it, it kind of is. A scarcity based mindset is one of biggest and quickest ways to fall into greed and self interest, the Fear of lack, of missing out, of failing. Ultimately results in operating within a needs based way of thinking, survivalist mentality. Self interest and desperation.
But nothing more than that. Quite like that of a caveman and his family in the wilderness. However we are in very different times.

There was no governance in such times as the cavemen era, at most a minor family dynamic, but society didn’t exist, we were yet another species on the earth doing what it does quite like any other. Simply smashing through the ranks of the food chain. But at this point in history to say we were at the top of that chain would be a massive lie.

The point is we now live in a world where it’s not longer about surviving but about thriving, these two things are not the same at all. To thrive implies to be progressive in every aspect, to be navigating life in a way that no longer hinders your potential but accelerates it, yet people remain within there survivalists way of thinking in a world that renders it obsolete.

Progression is thriving

This isn’t necessarily going to happen in the ways you thought or hoped it would. But progress nevertheless. It’s like trying to thrive in the kind of world we lived in thousands of years ago. But I’m today’s world. What else are you expecting to happen. You can begin to see now why this great stagnation has been bestowed upon humanity across the board. We have let this happen. The tribe leaders. Or now so the “powers that be” understand this. And have capitalised on this.

Convincing us that we must “survive” as opposed to thriving. Where we are stagnant, even regressive in our evolution. If you try to adapt to a life that no longer exists but is in fact a fragment of a much larger past in humanity. The results of that will reflect on the progress or lack of progress.

Within your mind just look at how many unhappy people there are in the world struggling with mental health, that’s enough on it’s own to suggest something is fundamentally going wrong in the way we live.
Now I don’t know about you guys. But I think it’s about time we got up to speed with the current times.

“Get with it” per say.

And unfortunate as it may be for some of your to hear, that isn’t going to include being wrapped up in cotton wool. If we begin living like we are in a future we know lies over the horizon. Our minds will reflect that. It’s part of evolution within our very fibres to always progress and discover more. Problem is we just let the small minority of people do the discovering and action taking.

Now there in control. We all have that very same capacity. It’s about time you got the f*** out of your own way and started capitalising on that. We’re not cavemen anymore. We’re limitless. Stop trying to survive. Start thriving. Stagnation. Progression. Systematically both cannot occur in the same instance.

Choice is yours

Go forward with such certainty that tomorrow will be better than today and If we disassemble this
madness from the inside then my purpose will be fulfilled and my kid saved.
To thrive implies to be progressive in every aspect, to be navigating life in a way that no longer hinders your potential but accelerates it, yet people remain within there survivalists way of thinking in a world that renders it obsolete.

It’s like trying to thrive in the kind of world we lived in thousands of years ago. But I’m today’s world. What else are you expecting to happen.
But you can begin to see now why this great stagnation has been bestowed upon humanity across the board. We have let this happen. The tribe leaders. Or now so the “powers that be” understand this. And have capitalised on this.

Balancing the Scales

How to handle resentment and unresolved issues!

It’s almost inevitable in any relationship even with yourself, to not have resentment that builds overtime. Most of the time it’s caused from unresolved issues. Either you’re not being heard, not speaking up, or just trying to ignore the issue. Over the course of your life you probably have more unresolved issues than you’d like to admit. (I know I did, hell still brewing a few) 😅 Nevertheless how do we start to solve the issues we aren’t even fully aware of? Problems always come from a much deeper place than just the surface. The only reason they go unresolved and build resentment is not being fully and consciously aware that they exist. So the question remains what can we do to resolve them and not let them cause havoc in our life? The answer is simple although it’s not easy.


Say you’re irritable and taking your frustrations out on your significant other. (Subconsciously) you end up punishing yourself. However, you’re not really focused on finding out why you’re upset, There’s an internal part of you ( your subconscious) that’s always working against you. I’ve learned to listen more to my heart than my mind, but in order to do this, I have to remain very self aware. I’ve taken the time and effort to discover myself at my core and understand the why behind the why…. I’ve figured out all my triggers, all my deepest frustrations, my patterns, my core values and my BS which is what I call my (belief system).

I learned how to become neutral to others and their beliefs, not let them upset me or affect me as much. I did this by asking more and more questions about the thoughts I had and my language patterns. Changed what I did not like with habitual behavior and started to accept all of my flaws and imperfections and love who I am. Truth be told if we’re ok and can accept these flaws then these things are only a problem for others to accept. Just don’t change who you are to please others, because that only leaves you feeling unworthy and insignificant to whoever you rely on for emotional support.

Balancing the scales
Download a list of fundamental values

Resentment is created from our resistance!

When we aren’t even honest with ourselves half the time how are we supposed to be honest with each other? More often than not we tell ourselves little white lies from our subconscious, just so we can feel better about the person we are and the decisions that we make. You’d have be a freaking saint if you’ve never done anything, that later you felt ashamed of, at least once in your life, right? I think we’ve all been there. So going back to that feeling of shame and guilt, allow that feeling to exist within you. If you just sit with yourself and allow yourself to feel the sadness and regret for a few minutes. By doing this unique method our body, mind and spirit realign and balances out the scales within the universe. Otherwise not taking the time to “deal” with that emotion only creates resistance within us at our core and our subconscious.

Fundamental Core Values

We know at our core that what we did we should be ashamed of because of our belief system (which can be changed btw). However, now because we didn’t take that time of pain and discomfort (as our subconscious knows we should be punished for the shame), it now creates our own self destruction path because it is still trying to resist that feeling of shame. It’s now an internal conflict that creates a punishment within ourselves. This is why it’s so very vitally important that we work out these core values of ours and make sure the decisions we make align us with who we are at our core self. Having these core values allows us to really discover who we are fundamentally and why.

Core Values

So what are core values and why are they so important?

Core values are what you believe, and they represent a person’s highest priorities. They are traits or qualities within all of us that make us unique. Some examples of pretty common core values are:

  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Honor
  • Loyalty
  • Responsibility
  • Courage
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Dignity

You can set a good example just by having the most important core values and actually living by those values. It allows you and others a smoother friendship as well as helps you feel like a good person. Having core values is especially important when you have kids. As parents we want better for our kids and teaching them the fundamental core values and meaning of those values will only benefit both parent and child. There are different kinds of values, such as;

Personal Values – Behavioral and Traits:

Personal Values – Rights and Causes

Life Values – Core Values

As a race, we are beginning to ask questions, more powerful and incisive questions about who we are and why are we here. These questions are both taking us down a dark rabbit hole of uncertainty and fear – as well as helping us ascend into the light.
It’s a time of deep introspection and exploration into the very nature of who we are as individuals and as a race. How we choose to represent ourselves in this life and in the universe, as well as an investigation into exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes in societal terms. What has brought us to this point of the abyss or ascension?

The problem for each and everyone of us is a simple question, that will determine the future of the human race. The most important question of our lives, and it’s only now
that we get to ask it of ourselves in earnest… Can we accept that we can be more than we are? This is a difficult personal question for all of us to answer, as by association this means we’ve been less than we could have been — and thus we are less than we can be.
Egotistically, this is very difficult to accept for most people in an actionable way, as illusory superiority twists our perspective reality away from our potential.

So set in our ways of personal limitation and identity are we, that we deny to ourselves our birthright of what the true nature of freedom is. The freedom to explore ourselves and the
experience of life, beyond what we’ve been conditioned to or suppressed by. Unfortunately, society psychologically lobotomizes people (including you and me) so they conform to its structures of certainty and behaviour to serve its energetic agenda.

It does this to us from around the age of five in many ways that become part of our identities, so we lose exactly who we really are and forget our potential in terms
of our capacity to live in a state of joy, peace, curiosity, love and wonderment.

Consequently, we fall asleep, and in that slumber we are reluctant to wake as our minds languish in a state of unconscious conformity to a world that makes no sense,
but asks us to live in non-sense and inversion. For some, they thank their lucky stars for their mental prisons, that allow them to navigate a world with pain and suffering inside and outside, so long as they don’t see it in front of them — as it makes them uncomfortable — it reminds them on a very deep level of what they’ve traded in for the addiction to having and not being.

Meaning, Purpose and Destiny

In this limited way, they can move within an inauthentic social identity avatar that is primarily restrictive and self-serving, unconsciously creating their projected reality through the words and thoughts of their daily lives. Thus the mind becomes a prison, a place of security and a sense of certainty — that simply cannot look beyond the shores of what we call an “island of certainty in the sea of eternity”. In this state, we unconsciously choose to look the other way, and deny that there is anything more to our existence.

The inverted societies we live within happily confirm this state of ignorance in every way possible, so we conform to a useful social role and a life that makes no sense beyond being a generator of wealth and an unconscious consumer without the thought of WHY? The why behind the why behind the why behind the why behind the why … and that’s where the core values come into the picture. See if we are grounded by our fundamental core values and live by them without selfish monetary gain, then we’d be a lot happier. I have found that the more aligned with who we are at our core gives us more of a satisfaction. A satisfaction that most people are steadily chasing and are left empty and depressed.

It’s not easy to find your purpose in life and most don’t until later in life if at all. However a bit of soul searching and unplugging from the world while you do it, helps tremendously. We are all to distracted by things that shouldn’t matter yet somehow we don’t even know how we got here. Before you go out into the world all willie nillie without a plan or strategy in place you should know, that kind of instability will lead you right back to square one every time. Take some time for yourself, find out what you like doing and what you’re good at doing as well as what makes you feel good about yourself. Doing something more with ourselves fills a void that keeps us from spiraling into darkness and depression.

Having more isn’t necessarily being more…..