No More Anxiety And Depression!

What Makes Us So Irrational?

Steady anxiety has turned into a typical and terrifying problem. An expected 284 million individuals overall experience anxiety, making it the most common psychological health problem. Anxiety is a reaction to the pressure we feel when confronted with a situation that we believe is threatening toward our well-being.

Feeling some degree of anxiety before a test, a meeting, or proposing to your loved one is typical. These sentiments stay for quite a while and afterward before they disappear. However, in the event that anxiety is never-ending, causing intense worry, extreme fear and stress, it is a condition called anxiety disorder.

At the point when one is going however extreme anxiety, it reflects inside the body as migraines, stomach aches, quick heartbeat, perspiring, wooziness, rapid breathing, straining of muscles and so on. Extreme anxiety can cause respiratory, stomach and gut related conditions, which weakens the individual, fueling the condition further with additional and more frequent episodes.

So it is critical to comprehend what occurs inside the psyche and body while it goes through an episode of anxiety. Our thinking and breath are associated. The manner in which we believe is the manner in which we relax.

While encountering extreme anxiety the breath becomes shallow and fast, and the cerebrum get significantly less oxygen, which thusly makes the psyche beat the contemplations of dread and stress into a cyclone like impact.

As of now the “flight or battle” reaction component kicks in with the arrival of huge dosages’ of cortisols and poisons in the body which after dreary episodes debilitatingly affects the internal organs.

Back in the day, when we needed to avoid wild creatures for endurance in the wild, the “flight or battle” reaction assisted with dodging the looming risk. However, in present times, tension is set off by circumstances around work, family, cash, wellbeing and other significant things, which needn’t bother with a flight or flight reaction. What that focuses to basically is that we want better ways of adapting to these outer elements which are significant as far as we’re concerned to be content yet are not hazardous.

nature forest waves trees
Like a fast flowing river of anxiety!

There is simple misalignment of the body, brain, feeling and energy. From this viewpoint, it just means that there is an absence of inward satisfaction despite the fact that the triggers are outside. Having a purpose brings satisfaction from inside which is a side effect of the brain, body, feelings and energy being as one with one another and with the bigger presence without depending other improvement.

It is essential to comprehend that we are complete beings without anyone else and need nothing more from an external perspective. When this understanding is supported by the experience of satisfaction, dread and stress become essentially non-existent. Many individuals who are persistent worriers have discovered these restless sentiments disperse when they begin to find themselves.

Certain individuals are more inclined to be more anxious than others. Extreme anxiety means that the thought patterns, stress and dread are out of control. The sort of ambiance we maintain in our brain and body decides how much anxiety we experience. The two fundamental requirements for carrying on with a anxiety free life are internal bliss (delight) and a healthy body.

Blissful individuals will quite often be less anxious than the people who tend to have anxiety or depression. Having areas of strength for a sound physical make-up likewise makes the psyche stronger to pessimistic sentiments averting anxiety. If we work towards creating these two states we truly live a fulfilled life.

In circumstances such as these many individuals are showing up at reflection as a wellspring of help from the pressure of the unexplored world. What better chance to start a reflection rehearse than during when a large number of the most widely recognized interruptions have previously been taken out from your life?

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So you’ve begun an everyday contemplation that maybe you do in the mornings which permits you to begin the day revived and alert. At last however you really take a look at messages, web-based entertainment, and start to draw in with others and gradually start to wrap back up again like a yo yo.

The vast majority take part in life just on the flat plane of past and future. Replaying recollections and contemplating where they need to go. As we collaborate with individuals this tape continues to play and in numerous ways we become much more related to it as we contrast our involvement in the individual addressing us.

Denying the speaker with what they need the most, unadulterated consideration. Unadulterated consideration permits the speaker to feel freed on the grounds that instinctively they realize they are not being decided from the perspective of your related involvements and conclusions.

We can see this mindfulness as the upward plane which offers a mark of revelation established in the at this point. That embodiment of now is at last what your identity is and is likewise freeing for you as the audience since it liberates you from the impulse of relating to a misguided feeling of self.

Here are a few hints and inquiries you can pose to yourself to turn out to be more established in the now and take your reflective state with you over the course of the day:

Could you at any point detect the energy field of your body? The aliveness in different pieces of your body? Shut your eyes and check whether you can feel your hands without really moving your hands. Sure it would most likely be bizarre on the off chance that you shut your eyes mid discussion with somebody or while going for a stroll. Luckily you can likewise work on interfacing with that energy field while keeping your eyes open. Likewise utilize your breath as an anchor of attention to control impulsive responses and contemplations. Accompany your breath first.

As you check in with your breath and body you ought to have the option to detect roomy mindfulness consistently among you and anything considerations are happening in your mind. This roominess is additionally present while talking, particularly while talking. Presently a change in cognizance happens on the grounds that you’re not suspecting the same thing, you’re basically answering what is important. What’s more, when you are believing you’re not relating to those contemplations.

This is what it resembles to be at the time with individuals and to answer what is happening. Have you at any point thought about what it should resemble to know yourself in the now, without connecting with memory? Awareness isn’t an article; it is your embodiment. Knowing yourself as this roomy mindfulness liberates you from accepting that you are your own set of experiences, which is stuff you’ll unavoidably bring into your connections, making way for struggle.

It’s fine and amusing to discuss stories, things that have occurred, things that you’ve heard and know. However, you can recognize the universe of structure while not being caught in this aspect. At the time of association, realize there is another aspect present and work on interfacing with it. All things considered, what makes a house a house isn’t the stuff inside it, it is all the space which empowers things to be there. Dial back and relate to the space.

The following are a couple of ways to that that inner joy and to becoming sound

  • Reflection is extraordinary practice for bringing solidness, adaptability and versatility in the body. These practices include consolidating the breath with explicit thoughts to make the inside organs solid. It develops the psyche body association with assistance make a blissful brain and sound body, which makes one more sure about giving outside circumstances.
  • Exercising makes a steady body and psyche. Practicing outside in the normal components guarantees the body gets sufficient sun, wind and dampness. Openness to outside air and regular light can be quieting and recuperating.
  • Self care reflects and improves ones consciousness of one’s own considerations and feelings. By fostering this mindfulness we can beginning noticing our responses to outer circumstances, which assists us with making a remedial move.
  • A healthy eating regimen which incorporates a solid blend of new natural products, nuts and mixed greens, and home prepared feasts with fundamental nutrients, cell reinforcements, minerals, proteins and starches is a portion of the uneasiness fight won.
  • Become part of an encouraging group of people, or make your own. Converse with like-minded individuals who are strong, like a relative or companion. Support bunch administrations may likewise be accessible in the neighborhood on the
  • Anxiety doesn’t control you. YOU are in charge. However, to reach this point requires a way of life change, and that implies forfeiting the helpful persistent vices, and putting forth the attempt to assume responsibility for your anxiety. Those with extreme anxiety often blame others and the world. Making these way of life changes toward turning into a more joyful and better individual will extra time diminish your dependence on an outer source – the specialist.
  • Keep track of that inward satisfaction by being your own wellbeing advocate since you deserve it!
  • Partake in this contemplation as an initial move towards tracking down help from anxiety.

The fact that 7 out of 10 American adults fight anxiety or depression is very concerning to say the least. I’ve done a fair amount of research on this subject and examined just how anxiety works and why. At some point, anxiety and stress affect everyone. They can manifest differently in different people, and the level of anxiety one experiences can vary, but there is one thing for certain: there are ways to manage anxiety, even if it feels out of control.

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The Symptoms To Look For

Both can improve with help from a psychological wellness proficient. It’s not by any stretch uncommon to feel miserable, low, or irredeemable now and again, particularly during troublesome or difficult life circumstances.

Yet, sensations of misery and vacancy that keep going for longer than fourteen days can propose gloom, particularly when positive occasions or changes in your current circumstance don’t appear to anily affect your temperament.

Alongside a low, miserable, or void temperament, misery can likewise include the accompanying side effects:

  • loss of interest or pleasure in your standard exercises and leisure activities
  • a feeling of sadness or negativity
  • outrage, touchiness, and anxiety
  • an absence of energy or a feeling of feeling dialed back
  • ongoing weakness or rest issues
  • changes in hunger and weight
  • trouble concentrating, deciding, or recollecting data
  • unexplained a throbbing painfulness or gastrointestinal worries
  • sensations of responsibility, uselessness, or powerlessness
  • contemplations of self destruction, passing, or biting the dust

A great many people experience some tension — sensations of dread, anxiety, and stress — every now and then. Nervousness is essential for how you answer pressure, all things considered, so you could encounter some uneasiness:

  • prior to significant life altering situations
  • while going with significant choices
  • while having a go at a novel, new thing

Be that as it may, in the event that you experience determined or outrageous uneasiness generally speaking for quite a long time, you might have summed up tension turmoil (Stray) or another nervousness problem. Nervousness problems go past stress over surprising or testing life conditions. Your apprehensions could base on additional regular worries, like your wellbeing, execution at school and work, or connections.

These concerns can provoke waiting considerations and fears that in the long run start to influence day to day existence like:

  • trouble overseeing dread and stress
  • crabbiness, actual fretfulness, or a feeling of being tense
  • a feeling of fear, destruction, or frenzy
  • rest issues
  • persevering weariness
  • mind haze
  • actual side effects like cerebral pains, muscle pressure, sickness, and the runs
  • Covering side effects

While it’s memorable essential not every person with sorrow, uneasiness, or the two circumstances will encounter similar arrangement of side effects, the two circumstances generally include a few of similar side effects.

Side effects if you have both anxiety and depression include:

  • changes in rest designs
  • changes in energy level
  • expanded crabbiness
  • issue with fixation, concentration, and memory
  • a throbbing painfulness or stomach gives that have no unmistakable reason

Rumination can likewise occur with the two circumstances. In fundamental terms, rumination alludes to a determined circle of dull, miserable, or other negative contemplations. You may not need these considerations, but rather you actually just can’t quit thinking.

The uneasiness you can track yourself:

  • caught in a cycle where you investigate, again and again, every one of the potential ways a circumstance could turn out badly
  • unfit to quit contemplating every one of the things concerning you, in any event, when you realize you can’t make any significant difference either way

The sorrow you can get on track yourself:

  • focusing on responsibility about not having energy to invest time with companions
  • going again and again previous occasions and faulting yourself for things you have zero command over, including sensations of discouragement

What Strategies Are Often Used in Treating this Dual Diagnosis?

Evidence-based research suggests that both anxiety and depression be treated at the same time.

Effective strategies often used in treating these co-occurring conditions include:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – CBT is often used to treat people with both disorders. Fears, anxieties and tendencies toward depression are managed by seeking out their root causes. Once uncovered, patients learn how to take control of their emotions and life.
  • Antidepressant medications – Often combined with CBT, these may be prescribed in treating both disorders. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are new antidepressant drugs that produce fewer side effects than their predecessors.
  • Exercise – This can be very helpful for both disorders. Physical activity causes feel-good chemicals to be released in the body. This aids in relaxation and feeling of well-being.
  • Relaxation techniques – This typically involves meditation or mindfulness. These techniques can often help to remedy both disorders and improve quality of life.

Why does anxiety return?

Even if you’ve learned how to manage anxiety, it’s a safe bet that you’ll experience some level of anxiety again in your lifetime.

Anxiety may creep up in response to events such as:

Your anxiety level is likely to fluctuate throughout your life, depending on what’s happening or what’s on your mind.

Remember — anxiety is not inherently bad. It can help us be prepared for whatever comes our way. But when you’re feeling anxious all the time and feel unable to calm down, this is a cause for concern.

Chronic anxiety that is out of proportion to the stressor or situation may signify an anxiety disorder.

What you can do about your tension at the present time

  • At the point when you feel restless, it might assist with recognizing the way that you’re restless. In the event that you would be able, attempt and make a stride back and think about the circumstance. Distinguishing who or what is making you restless can be a helpful adapting device.
  • During seasons of pressure and caution, it can assist with recalling that your sensations of nervousness ought to pass once the unpleasant occasion is finished.
  • The following are a couple of things you can do to assist with bringing down your nervousness at the time:
  • Contact somebody you trust for help. In some cases, talking things through can assist you with acquiring quiet and ease concerns.
  • Put down stopping points. Attempt to work on expressing no to work or individual solicitations on the off chance that you have a great deal for you to handle.
  • Practice exercises that could end up being useful to quiet or focus you:
  • Reflection
  • Yoga
  • Profound relaxing
  • Taking a walk
  • Your number one sort of activity
  • Accomplish something that assists you with unwinding genuinely:
  • Absorbing a hot shower
  • Playing mitigating music
  • Appreciating fragrant healing
  • Watching your #1 Program or film
  • Assuming you practice CBT or DBT, take a stab at taking advantage of a portion of your misery adapting instruments, and attempt to divert your way of behaving or consideration carefully.

Here is a basic outline of certain things you can do to assist with lessening tension in the long haul.

The World Wellbeing Association (WHO) suggests no less than 150 minutes of moderate activity seven days for most grown-ups.

A recent report found that this measure of activity can diminish side effects of tension and wretchedness.

Practice care and contemplation

Being careful means venturing back, blocking out the immaterial, and focusing on what’s going on at the time. Care includes tuning into your environmental factors and what’s happening inside you.

Contemplation is the act of preparing your psyche to divert your considerations and channel your concentration and mindfulness.

Gain more confidence in yourself.

There are many sorts of reflection, and every one of them require some training. Numerous assets are promptly accessible to assist you with beginning.

Consider downloading a reflection application or taking a contemplation class to assist you with learning. The procedures you learn in contemplation can prove to be useful while adapting to an unpleasant circumstance.

Rehearsing contemplation is related with numerous medical advantages, including further developed rest and lower pressure.

Get a lot of rest

Getting sufficient soothing rest is fundamental for your general wellbeing and prosperity. For grown-ups, 7 to 8 hours of rest a night is great.

2020 exploration Believed Source associates absence of lay down with raised daytime uneasiness. The Public Organizations of Wellbeing (NIH) reports there are numerous other antagonistic impacts Confided in Source, as well:

In youngsters, hyperactivity can happen.

In grown-ups, feeling grumpy, depleted, and testy is normal.

The two youngsters and grown-ups may encounter inconvenience centering.

Certain individuals have a sleeping disorder and are constantly under-resting, or have medical issue that influence rest.

Here are a few hints and assets for focusing on a decent night’s rest:

Apparatuses and Stunts to Quiet Your Uneasiness lastly Get Some Rest

10 Motivations to Get More Rest

10 Solid Rest Cleanliness Propensities

Eat well

A differed and nutritious eating routine is quite possibly of the main thing you can accomplish for your physical and emotional well-being. This incorporates keeping away from food sources you are hypersensitive or delicate to, which cause aggravation in your body.

Continuously contact a dietitian, nutritionist, or your essential consideration specialist prior to rolling out significant dietary improvements.

Restricting admission of specific food sources Believed Source is additionally critical to diminishing the gamble of ailments like coronary illness and diabetes. It can assist with ensuring you keep up with solid energy levels and get every one of the supplements your body needs to work.

Attempt to consume the accompanying with some restraint:

  • sugar
  • liquor
  • caffeine
  • sodium
  • The US Branch of Farming (USDA) can assist you with surveying your ongoing eating routine and distinguish which food varieties to incorporate.
  • Certain food varieties have been related with decreasing uneasiness and other emotional wellness issues. These food varieties include:
  • green tea
  • dim chocolate
  • salmon
  • yogurt
  • Remain socially drew in and get support
a fearful woman covering her mouth
Don’t Think!

Focus on keeping areas of strength for an organization. This could seem to be a little gathering of close, confided in companions or a more extensive net. Social communications can occupy you from your own stressors and give you somebody to go to when you want to talk.

Investing energy with loved ones who you have a solid sense of security and agreeable around can assist with restricting social tension. It can likewise give a place of refuge to share sentiments and stresses to keep them from developing inside you.

You could likewise find it supportive to associate with other people who are managing nervousness. You’re not restricted to face to face association, all things considered. You can connect on the web, on the telephone, or through video talk.

Need a Little Extra Help Try These Resources:

  • Uneasiness and Sadness Relationship of America
  • Psychological well-being America
  • The Clan Wellbeing People group
  • Elective treatment choices

There are numerous ways of treating uneasiness that exist outside customary medication. These may not work for everybody, and not every one of them are upheld with research. Notwithstanding, it tends to enable to investigate your choices, and you may very well find another methodology that makes a difference.

Needle therapy

-Utilization of needle therapy to help tension is filling in prevalence. Needle therapy is an old Chinese treatment millennia.

During a needle therapy meeting, an expert will embed little, slight needles into pressure focuses on your body. Coming down on these focuses is remembered to adjust the body’s frameworks, lessening agony and stress.

2018 exploration Believed Source recommends needle therapy might be a protected and viable elective method for reducing uneasiness. Nonetheless, specialists concur more examination is expected to decide its viability.


A massage is the act of utilizing hands, strain, and contact to ease agony and stress in the body. There are many kinds of back rub, and frequently a permit is expected to work as a masseuse.

  • Famous kinds of back rub are:
  • Swedish back rub
  • Shiatsu rub
  • Sports rub

Trigger point treatment

2014 examination on patients who have gone through heart medical procedure proposes rub is a powerful approach to altogether lessen wellbeing related tension.

Creature helped treatment

Creature helped (pet) treatment is a kind of treatment that integrates the human-creature security into an individual’s emotional well-being treatment plan. Progressively, creature helped treatment is presented by psychological wellness specialists.

Normal treatment creatures include:

  • Canines
  • Felines
  • Ponies
  • Pigs

During creature helped treatment, you might be brought together with a canine, feline, pony, pig, or other creature. You might collaborate with this creature during treatment meetings, or you might get a proposal for a help creature, for example, one utilized for close to home or clinical help.

Specialists have found various advantages in animal comfort:

  • feeling less alone
  • feeling more good in friendly circumstances
  • lower generally speaking sensations of tension
  • Light treatment
  • Getting sufficient daylight, which contains vitamin D, means a lot to your general wellbeing.

Absence of legitimate daylight is related with numerous antagonistic wellbeing impacts, which can thus influence pressure and tension levels. Related conditions include:

  • type 1 diabetes
  • hypertension (hypertension)
  • particular sorts of malignant growth
  • asthma
Alzheimer’s infection

Focusing on getting sufficient daylight can help your state of mind and energy, which can decrease restless sentiments. While getting daylight, make certain to wear satisfactory sun insurance, including sunscreen and shades.

Counterfeit light treatments are progressively normal and have been related with various medical advantages. In any case, some actually stay disputable, and not all specialists concur they work.

Light treatment might include different shaded radiates (frequently red or blue) and is coordinated into planned meetings.

Different light treatments target:

  • gloom
  • states of mind
  • headache
  • skin issues
  • wound recuperating

A 2018 investigation of 58 epilepsy patients found day to day light treatment was helpful for lessening their tension and despondency.

Music treatment

For some individuals, music treatment might be a useful method for lightening or forestall sensations of uneasiness. All through mankind’s set of experiences, music has been utilized to calm, invigorate, and rouse.

Music advisors are specialists in showing individuals how to utilize music to help their emotional well-being.

Music treatment can seem to be:

  • paying attention to music all alone
  • working with a music specialist in individual meetings toward explicit objectives

Paying attention to music has been displayed to have a few advantages for your wellbeing, including:

  • bringing down pulse
  • assisting with rest
  • lessening tension

Regular cures

However the accompanying normal cures have been connected to decreased nervousness in certain examinations, more exploration is expected to demonstrate a conclusive supportive association. Nonetheless, many home solutions for tension and mind-set issues have for quite some time been famous and have a great deal of narrative help.

It’s vital to counsel a specialist prior to beginning any of the accompanying normal cures, particularly in the event that you have previous medical issue or are taking drugs. Regular solutions for uneasiness include:

  • CBD (comes in different structures)
  • chamomile (counting tea and oil)
  • magnesium
  • valerian root


Everybody encounters uneasiness at some time. Uneasiness for the most part disappears once the setting off occasion is finished, yet it might repeat relying upon your life conditions.

A tension problem can turn into a drawn out condition. Whenever left untreated, tension problems can decline and significantly upset your life. Nervousness has been connected to an expanded occurrence of despondency and substance use issues, among other unexpected problems.

What is Insignificant

You can’t possibly believe that you are insignificant…..

I remember dreading going to school cause I had to wear hand-me-downs from my neighbors kids.
Yeah that wasn’t embarrassing getting on the bus with them and them making fun of me, needless to say
I got in a lot of fights, and learned not to take anybody’s shit. So don’t take anybody’s shit it’s not yours to deal with anyway, they got their own shit to handle.

  1. You can’t possibly believe that you are insignificant…..
    1. We’ll agree to disagree
      1. Judgemental
    2. Resistance
  2. Progression is thriving
  3. Choice is yours

That’s how I learned to love myself enough to be myself regardless of what anyone thinks…
Find your own crowd, people that think like you, that have similar goals, dreams, and can motivate you because they too are working on theirs. The people that give you good advice and don’t try to bring you down, are always going to be the best kind of crowd for the type of mindset you will need to grow.
Forget the ones that say you can’t or you shouldn’t.

You’re already on the right path, you don’t have to apologize for being you. You definitely don’t have to lower your standards to accommodate the ones around you. Don’t be afraid to raise your standards, because truth be told their probably not high enough. I mean if you think about and just look around it, the standards we have slowly slip away year after year. I hate to say it but my generation is the worse about not having respect and manners or consideration and tend to be rude like it’s normal and to them I suppose it would be.

We’ll agree to disagree

Now I post some things that people disagree with and that’s ok. If other people disagree with you, then that’s actually a good thing. It just means that you have different beliefs and opinions, and provides a different perspective. That’s how you learn and grow. I’ll always stand up for what I believe in but I’ll never fight you if you believe something different. I’d rather learn to understand your beliefs. Just make sure their you’re own beliefs and not someone else’s. So many have these beliefs that don’t align with
who they are, mostly because those beliefs were pushed onto them by someone else who thought that’s what they should believe only because they believed it.

End up wandering through life pissed off and unfulfilled because you believe something that doesn’t even make sense to you. You have to find your own path and know that’s what you want not anyone but you, Only you can give yourself more or better if you really want it. The world is becoming soft and we should never jeopardise our integrity by conforming to others. It’s really not worth the pain and suffering we endure especially when we don’t have to suffer. Follow your own path whatever that is and just do what you want have your beliefs and own who you are the people that love you will love you and the ones that don’t so what just keep going.


It doesn’t matter what you do or how you act YOU WILL BE JUDGED. It should only matter to you, only you have the right to judge you. BE who you wanna be & do what you wanna do because people
will judge you anyway no matter what you do or don’t do, Don’t ever let others opinion of you dictate how you feel about yourself.

What you do is your preference you don’t have to live a lie to impress anyone Because you don’t have to impress anyone as long as you are happy as you are there’s no need to change if someone doesn’t like you oh well their loss and you don’t need them in your life anyway cause chances are they’ll 🤯🙄 just be extra baggage you don’t need anyway JUST BE YOU!!


It’s a little beneath us to label and judge people for speaking their truth isn’t it?
Yes I’d say it’s rather ignorant of you to do so actually. I mean just think about it, what makes you think you know any better and even if you do judging and labeling others isn’t going to do anyone any good whatsoever.

Instead you could act like you have some intelligence in that head of yours and actually hear the other views on life, politics,money, beliefs, experiences, and differences. As much as you may want to argue why you’re right, I think you should just realize how ignorant you are and how division is exactly what they want.

Just realize you can’t possibly know what you don’t know and the world has been programming us to be this way since god knows how long. Most of us are either experiments, or are fucking puppets to a society that is following the wrong leaders for all the wrong reasons. Most of this may not make a lot of sense but to the ones that do get it, Is it harder knowing??

For me NO it’s easier, Knowing is what allows me to go forward with such certainty that tomorrow will be better than today and If we disassemble this madness from the inside then my purpose will be fulfilled and my kid saved. My point to this message today is don’t be so quick to judge or think you know something is rubbish or not. Just consider it to be possible.


Right or wrong doesn’t matter, it really isn’t relevant. What’s relevant is what you think you know and what you really have no idea about. It’s been an interesting period of resistance this last week of two, it seems I’m not the only one that has felt this, but it’s been the greatest stage of resistance I’ve felt in quite some time.

In fact I’d have to say the whole year, the idea of you vs you had come into play more so than ever since being on this journey. This year so far has been a pivotal part in my journey of becoming, discovery and realisation. Especially in people’s greed, and just how much of it there is in the world.
A slight sense of stagnation, seems to have become present.

Greed & Scarcity

Greed is something that has existed within the human condition for as long as we have been a species inhabiting this planet. it’s often something that stems from our deficit needs way of thinking, The survival, fight or flight narrative. In the times of early cavemen, small tribes scattered across the lands and would fight within there small bubbles for survival to get food, shelter, protection and warmth, because that was seemingly there only option. At this point humans had never been more connected to nature, the very thing they are a part of.

But as time went on, they began to discover build and grow, small villages maybe 3-5 small straw and mortar huts somewhere within a canyon trail or a top a cliff’s edge.
Slowly they began to realise they were not the only ones out there, building, growing, there were others.
The art of growth itself implies to take or gain resource to contribute to something bigger, however the origin of such resource is often an uncertainty in such scarce times, but that’s just it.

This is seemingly why there is so much greed in the world today, people are so used on there own small bubbles of reality trying to get by in pure desperation, disregarding others in the process. Not realising there is much more, it’s around us all the time 24/7, but to notice these nuances is something else entirely, that takes a bit of work.

We have created a world that is far to advanced for the current way of thinking, now this is not to say that we must go back to basics and stop this progress. But as human population we must up our game, our minds. Like the complex pieces of technology they are in all there glorious intricacy.

The fear of not making progress leading to a scarcity mentality, then leading to lack of progress. Sounds rather silly when you think about it, it kind of is. A scarcity based mindset is one of biggest and quickest ways to fall into greed and self interest, the Fear of lack, of missing out, of failing. Ultimately results in operating within a needs based way of thinking, survivalist mentality. Self interest and desperation.
But nothing more than that. Quite like that of a caveman and his family in the wilderness. However we are in very different times.

There was no governance in such times as the cavemen era, at most a minor family dynamic, but society didn’t exist, we were yet another species on the earth doing what it does quite like any other. Simply smashing through the ranks of the food chain. But at this point in history to say we were at the top of that chain would be a massive lie.

The point is we now live in a world where it’s not longer about surviving but about thriving, these two things are not the same at all. To thrive implies to be progressive in every aspect, to be navigating life in a way that no longer hinders your potential but accelerates it, yet people remain within there survivalists way of thinking in a world that renders it obsolete.

Progression is thriving

This isn’t necessarily going to happen in the ways you thought or hoped it would. But progress nevertheless. It’s like trying to thrive in the kind of world we lived in thousands of years ago. But I’m today’s world. What else are you expecting to happen. You can begin to see now why this great stagnation has been bestowed upon humanity across the board. We have let this happen. The tribe leaders. Or now so the “powers that be” understand this. And have capitalised on this.

Convincing us that we must “survive” as opposed to thriving. Where we are stagnant, even regressive in our evolution. If you try to adapt to a life that no longer exists but is in fact a fragment of a much larger past in humanity. The results of that will reflect on the progress or lack of progress.

Within your mind just look at how many unhappy people there are in the world struggling with mental health, that’s enough on it’s own to suggest something is fundamentally going wrong in the way we live.
Now I don’t know about you guys. But I think it’s about time we got up to speed with the current times.

“Get with it” per say.

And unfortunate as it may be for some of your to hear, that isn’t going to include being wrapped up in cotton wool. If we begin living like we are in a future we know lies over the horizon. Our minds will reflect that. It’s part of evolution within our very fibres to always progress and discover more. Problem is we just let the small minority of people do the discovering and action taking.

Now there in control. We all have that very same capacity. It’s about time you got the f*** out of your own way and started capitalising on that. We’re not cavemen anymore. We’re limitless. Stop trying to survive. Start thriving. Stagnation. Progression. Systematically both cannot occur in the same instance.

Choice is yours

Go forward with such certainty that tomorrow will be better than today and If we disassemble this
madness from the inside then my purpose will be fulfilled and my kid saved.
To thrive implies to be progressive in every aspect, to be navigating life in a way that no longer hinders your potential but accelerates it, yet people remain within there survivalists way of thinking in a world that renders it obsolete.

It’s like trying to thrive in the kind of world we lived in thousands of years ago. But I’m today’s world. What else are you expecting to happen.
But you can begin to see now why this great stagnation has been bestowed upon humanity across the board. We have let this happen. The tribe leaders. Or now so the “powers that be” understand this. And have capitalised on this.

3 Reasons We Are Egotistically Driven

Why do we let our ego get our asses in hot water?!?! So you can hear the joke at the end 😉

Have you ever wondered why they say “hot water” instead of “cold water? I have and it’s just the same if you were to get your ass in cold water. Being egotistically driven isn’t always a good thing, but why are we then? I’d have to say it’s because of the suppression we’ve all been conditioned to. Of course we could argue that this world isn’t perfect but it’s the one that we have so we might as well make the best of it right? Isn’t it this form of thinking that has supported the non activity and suppression of the human spirit for so long? The more uncertain we become the more unconscious we become and what I mean by unconscious is not really thinking about the things that are more important. Being so focused on the things “we think” we need, and forgetting about the things we actually need.

  1. Why do we let our ego get our asses in hot water?!?! So you can hear the joke at the end 😉
  2. Why we are Egotistically driven
    1. How to become less egotistically driven

Lots of times we question our reality because it’s not the one that we created and we know that it doesn’t benefit us in the best way possible. Most of the time our pride gets in the way as well as our ego and we think we have to be right just so we can win an argument. However if you took a step back and instead of trying to win the argument try and learn something how much more different do you think that conversation would go instead of getting in an altercation, or a back and forth battle that goes nowhere. Instead, you could actually learn something you could put that knowledge to use one day. Only If you apply that knowledge will it become useful.

They’ve always said knowledge is power, however it’s really not,, it’s the effort put into the knowledge that makes it worthy of the power. I mean if you learn how to change a flat tire but never change a tire or teach someone else how to change a tire isn’t that really useless knowledge? So knowing that learning the only way to progress and grow it’s kinda silly to think we let our ego get the best of us and keep us from growing huh?

Egotistically driven

Why we are Egotistically driven

So my question to you is why do you let your ego get in the way? Why are we egotistically driven? Now this cannot be known for fact but as humans we’ve always been egotistically driven for quite some time if not always. It was just less noticeable 100 years ago because we were still too busy surviving and hadn’t got to a point yet when we were more socially involved. It matters more what someone thinks of you as opposed to if you can actually go and kill your own food for dinner tonight.

This causes for an even bigger ego as well. Although it is a choice to be egotistically driven or more spiritually guided, most feel like they can’t help it or it’s almost like instinctive to be egotistically driven. That’s because no we are always in a defensive mode with the world being in an uproar all the time and negativity always lurking. If we connect open-minded people with traditional communities, we will generate empowerment in both! In communities, through income generation, cultural and environmental appreciation and increased self-esteem. And in the visitors, an enrichment of how they perceive the world from embarking on our experiences.

How to become less egotistically driven

Life, reconnection, breathing and time – this is what we bring to the world. Everything that our busy day-to-day lives keeps us away from in a consumerist world that keeps spinning faster and faster.

We should brings a new meaning to travel: opportunities for positive impact in the receiving communities, personal transformation and reconnection with human values that are so important such as simplicity, togetherness and love.

Now you may not think of yourself as an enemy to yourself but you are more often than not you are actually against yourself all of the things that you can’t accomplish that barrier you can’t get past it’s caused from your own doing. Most of the time it’s subconsciously that we end up holding ourselves back without fully being aware that we’re doing so. Just try something new today ok and try to not have to be right. Accept something someone tells you with curiosity and awe.

Try letting your guard down and showing some well needed love to your friends or family. Above all live today as if it were your last….. Because you never really know do you?

3 Reasons Not To Diet

Diets don’t help you lose weight long-term.

Biological factors ensure your attempt at losing weight while dieting will fail. There are metabolic and hormonal as well as neurological changes that contribute to the attempts to lose weight. When you go on a diet, because in your mind your trying not to eat you actually tend to notice the food that much more. Once you do start to lose weight the hormones that make you hungry increase and the ones that make you feel full decrease. Your metabolism slows down as you lose weight as well and as your body is using fewer calories the extras’ get stored as fat. Overtime even sticking to the diet will only make you gain the weight back as it will just catch up to you.

The early life — probably the first thousand days after conception, or up to around age 2 — is incredibly important for our health as adults. The risk for disease — heart disease, lung disease and others — is programmed in early life. You can’t give somebody a pill to redress childhood abuse and you can’t put a stent in a coronary artery to redress the stress resulting from the lack of support your parents gave in your early life. Every country in the world has a national policy that gives working moms paid time off work after they have babies, except for Papua New Guinea, Suriname, a few South Pacific Island nations and the United States. We also have the most child poverty of all rich countries in the world. We don’t invest in the part of life that really matters.

Eating healthier isn’t always an option.

Most don’t eat healthy because it’s cheaper just to buy the unhealthy options. More sugars, sodium, and saturated fats increase the risk of chronic diseases. American diet has become energy-rich but nutrient-poor, partly because agricultural methods have stripped nutrients from the soil. We eat more processed food with less fiber, fewer micronutrients, and fewer phytochemicals to protect against things like heart disease and diabetes. Although it’s not like the FDA doesn’t know this however if more people eat unhealthy then they will eventually have a reason to go to a doctor and get meds for their problem.

That only helps big pharma not you. So when you’re unable to buy more healthy choices then you should look into growing your own nutritional choices. It wouldn’t take much room nor much time to start your own little mini garden. You could even do it indoors if absolutely necessary, just get a few pot hangers to hang from the ceiling.

Stress causes weight gain!

If we are not eating more, why are we so much fatter these days? Well an enormous difference in daily work-life balance stress levels is one of the reasons our diets are calorie-dense and nutrient-poor. Being stressed causes us to forget to eat or eat fast and choose our meals poorly.

We tend, in this country, to think that the choices you make are what determine your health. But individual behaviors are less important for the health of a society than we think. Diet and exercise are important, but not as important as other factors in a society. Healthier societies have a smaller gap between the rich and the poor than we do. That gap causes an enormous amount of stress in our society — road rage, air rage, stress at work, child abuse. I say stress is the 21st century tobacco. We have learned that inequality kills. We have changed from a country that, in the 1950s, believed in economic justice. We had high tax rates on the rich, and we had welfare programs for other people. But we have changed from a community focus, or a collective focus, to one in which today we have to pursue our health as individuals.

That may be because of the tremendous amount of stress and frustration in our society, and everyone is affected. The nature of relationships changes in big-income-gap situations: We drive bigger cars to show that we are superior to others, and we wear designer clothes to make a statement. Some of these things may be harmless, but we have higher rates of heart disease and lung disease and almost all other causes of mortality, except for cancer, than comparable countries.

So better health habits aren’t the fix to our problem?


We tend, in this country, to think that the choices you make are what determine your health. But individual behaviors are less important for the health of a society than we think. Diet and exercise are important, but not as important as other factors in a society.

First, modern agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil. We forget, sometimes, that the nutrient value of the food we grow depends on the nutrient levels of the soil in which they are grown. and how stress directly shifts metabolic functions toward fat creation and fat storage. But there is one more very important difference. The food we eat has about the same nutritional value and tastiness as the packaging it’s wrapped in. We eat and eat and eat, and yet our bodies are not satisfied.

Second, our diets contain more processed foods and fewer fresh foods that are good for us. Processed food generally contains less fiber, fewer micronutrients, and fewer phytochemicals that protect against heart disease and diabetes, according to recent studies. As a simple example, apples are chock full of fiber and micronutrients.

So having expectations

Essentials our bodies need that aren’t in most diets:

  • Vitamins A, D, B, C, E, and K and all of these can be found in fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains, low fat milk, fish and eggs.
    • Minerals
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Chloride
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Sulfur
  • Zinc
  • Iodide
  • Selenium
  • copper
  • fluoride
  • chromium
  • molybdenum
  • manganese

We can make adjustments as needed to eat a healthy meal at least once a day!!

Why do expectations always hurt?

For most people expectations cause disappointment, but that’s mostly based on their current perspective of things. In all fairness expectations don’t usually cause disappointment, having expectations that are too high do. See it’s ok to have dreams and dream big, however not having small goals within reach causes people to fail or give up. Expectations are almost inevitable to have. They can be good or bad depending on how you’re looking at things really. They also cause one to work harder than the bare minimum. The way to lower your expectations without lowering your standards is don’t put the bar so high to begin with. Work your way up to the bigger goal with smaller goals to achieve first. Now I do understand that maybe your expectations are of a person. Maybe a friend, or relative, and in this case just try to remember the only person whom you can control is yourself.

It’s good to have expectations as long as they aren’t devastatingly disappointing. In my own personal experience as long as you’re not to hard on yourself when you fail you won’t have much disappointment. However having this disappointment causes us not to keep trying or at least try again. Failure happens but only when you give up or quit. Sometimes our expectations aren’t our own expectations at all, rather someone else’s expectations of us. Most people tend to never live up to their own expectations but that’s because we try to go for the bigger goal first then it seems too far away to even reach.

Sometimes just roll the dice and see where they land!!!

I’m certain that if we weren’t so hard on ourselves when it comes to our own expectations of ourselves then there would be a lot less disappointment in the world. Just accept what is and what isn’t and go with the flow of things and you’ll find more joy in life that way. As for the standards you have and set for yourself they will probably always be different than whoever isn’t living up to yours and that’s ok. Expectation is defined as believing that something is going to happen or believing that something should be a certain way. An example of expectation is a belief that you will be getting promoted. An example of expectation is a belief that you should behave as a proper lady or gentleman.

Some examples of expectations:

  • Life should be fair. …
  • Opportunities will fall into my lap. …
  • Everyone should like me. …
  • People should agree with me. …
  • People know what I’m trying to say. …
  • I’m going to fail. …
  • Things will make me happy. …
  • I can change him/her.
  • I can’t change my life
  • Everyone should be nice

Social acceptance isn’t a must, it isn’t even a need. honestly we should learn to accept ourselves before expecting others to.

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